Fabian Brugger | vocal, guitar

Aufgewachsen ist Fabian mit Musik von Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, John Lee Hooker und dem klassischen amerikanischen Blues. Mit 10 Jahren lernte Fabian Schlagzeug und tingelte anfangs im zarten Alter von 14 mit einer Oldie Band durch Kneipen, Clubs und kleinere Festivals. Das brachte ihm die erste Bühnenerfahrung und machte ihn süchtig nach mehr! Die Gitarre faszinierte ihn schon immer. Besonders das Gitarrenspiel von Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie King und Albert King hat es ihm angetan und so begann er mit 14 autodidaktisch Gitarre zu lernen. Fleißig war er und übte Riffs von Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, John Lee Hooker und Stevie Ray Vaughan. In seinen jährlichen USA Besuchen mit seinem Vater sog er die Live Musik aus Memphis, Austin und Dallas auf bis er selbst mit den Musikern vor Ort auf der Bühne stehen durfte und lernte wie man den amerikanischen Blues spielt. So reist er seit mehreren Jahren für ein paar Wochen im Jahr in die USA mit seiner Gitarre in der Hand und spielt mit den lokalen topp Musikern aus Texas und Tennessee in den angesagtesten Live Clubs auf der 6th Street in Austin und auf der berühmten Beale Street in Memphis. Mit seiner Liebe zum Blues und das richtige Feeling für Musik fiel es Fabian leicht die Musik aus den Südstaaten zu verinnerlichen und zu spielen. Das war es, was er machen wollte. Den Amerikanischen Blues mit der gleichen Power, Dynamik und Feeling zu spielen wie seine Vorbilder und das Erbe der großen Blueser weiterzuführen. So kam es dann auch, dass Fabian schon mit Henrik Freischlager (US), Lance Lopez (US) und Louisiana Red (US) gemeinsam auf der Bühne stand und zeigen konnte, dass er den Blues hat.

Fabian Brugger

Bobbie Rae | drums

Bobbie Rae BIOGRAPHY Veteran composer, percussionist, producer, lyricist and singer Bobbie Rae has recorded seven jazz CDs with Grammy-winning pianist Rachel Z and fourteen albums with other music groups. He has performed with members of Simple Minds, Killing Joke, Sex Gang Children, UB40 (USA) and toured with George Lynch’s Lynch Mob and Italian blues and pop star Pino Daniele and Italy’s “Prince of Song” Francesco De Gregori. For eight years, Bobbie was a principal member of the Rachel Z Trio/The Department of Good and Evil and a core member of alternative music groups that include Amplify, Spear of Destiny, M.D.M.A., Executive Slacks, Bunny Drums, Pure 13, New United Monster Show, When Worlds Collide, Jesse Malin and Twin Engines. Bobbie has performed in 40 countries, including Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, touring extensively across the globe and the United States. He has lived in Italy, France, Holland, England and Germany focusing on Production, Drumming, Programming, Writing, and Singing as well as Educational Seminars. He has taught and performed in over 450 High School and College Workshops. PRESS “the Jimi Hendrix of drums” (New Music Review) “a show alone, a riot of colour and rhythm king to boot, he is to the drums what Prince is to the guitar.” (Melody Maker) Bobbie Rae writes “fantastic melodies and irresistible hooks! 5 out of 5 stars,” (The Aquarian). “A lot of musicians (and not only them) believe in a link between drums and our deeper ego. But only few are able to live this relation so deeply to make theirs performances such as experiences going beyond every musical classification. That’s the case of Bobbie Rae, one of the most representative drummers of New York’s musical scene, also arranger and composer” (Percussioni) “Sitting behind his kit, looking like some kind of guru warrior and drumming like thirty of them, [Bobbie] all but made the show his own…any doubts that [he] could fill the place where previously two drummers, and even the whole band, might have sat were crushed by his sheer playing power” (The Marquee) “Drummer Bobbie Rae's deft mixology of straight-ahead jazz, funk, and hip-hop is always just perfect…If you’re a jazz aficionado, this CD will give you newfound respect for rock songwriting. If you’re not, it may well turn you into one. Essential listening.” (Keyboard Magazine)

Bobbie Rae

Charles Sammons | bass

Charles Sammons is an American instrumentalist, composer, and instructor world renowned for his innovative techniques and approach. Equally at home behind the double bass, electric bass, and cello, Sammons pushes the outer boundaries of the idiom and the instruments while retaining firm footing in tradition. A consummate collaborator, Sammons has been featured on dozens of recordings from jazz through electronica, rock through pop. As a performer and sideman, Sammons has played and toured with a host of the worlds most excellent artists including members Parliament Funkadelic and touring in support of the Indigo Girls.

Ever inquisitive and curious, Sammons’ musical journey has visited vast terrain and he may be found performing Contrabass or Cello with an exciting variety of ensembles ranging broadly through classical, jazz, Americana, Latin, Caribbean, and a spectrum of genres. This endeavour has taken him to far corners of the globe where he has performed for stadium audiences and art enthusiasts including at “documenta(13)” in Kassel, Germany where he recorded his current album in conjunction with a student residency.

Currently Sammons resides in Berlin where he contributes his unique voice to this hotbed of creativity. Whether appearing with one of his Jazz-Fusion-Electronica projects, VSS and Browden-Sholar-Sammons, his contribution is energetic and electrifying. As a band leader, Sammons’ manifest._Pocket is among the most sought out funk bands on the scene. Away from the stage Sammons is a prolific composer enjoying the theatre experience as much as film scoring. And because the community and heritage of this art is so important, Sammons founded the Alt-Materials Comprovisation in order to share and teach the concepts of improvisation and composition he is continually uncovering.

Sammons initiated study composition and performance at University of North Carolina School of the Arts at age 14. His informal study continued in the clubs and basements of Washington DC, New York, and Seattle. Cutting his teeth in the blues and funk scene of North Carolina, he quickly became an influence on the scene, touring with blues, rock, reggae, and jazz ensembles throughout the states. Charles hails from Charlottesville, Virginia and Washington DC. He has made Berlin, Germany his home for the better part of a decade.

Charles Sammons

Lionel Haas | keys

Lionel Haas   (Pianist, Composer, Arranger)
The French-German pianist, who was born in Bonn, Germany in 1971, has established himself as a versatile musician in the Berlin music scene.   Not only does he work as supporting artist for vrious jazz, blues, soul and funk bands in and out of town, but also heads up his own projects such as the award-winning sectet formation, Blowing Front and his trio with which he released his CD, "Going and Going".  He frequently tours with the critically aclaimed jazz quartet, Berlin 21.

Lionel Haas